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Digital Transformation

With your current budget, we can deliver measurable value through the digital transformation of your business

Transformational Managed Services

From cloud migration to highly accurate, AI powered prediction models, CPQi are ready to help you lead the way into the 21st century.


In 4 easy steps, and by leveraging automation, we can bring digital tranformation to your business.

Cloud Migration

Migrating your existing platforms to a cloud-based architecture enables easy expansion and contraction of machine resources. Clouds can be public such as AWS and Azure or private, but the same principles apply.


By leveraging micro-services, building platforms to enable easy testing, implementing infrastructure in the code and enabling continuous integration and deployment, we use DevOps to save you money and keep your business efficient.


We identify where predictions occur in your workflows and use artificial intelligence models to replace them with a higher level of dispassionate accuracy leading to greater financial gain.


In this digital age, how you communicate with your clients and the general population matters, let us help you optimise and improve your use of digital channels.

Improve Efficiency. Manage Risk.

Helping to build financial markets systems in the leading American economies