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FRTB Implementation

Experts in the implementation of FRTB-compliant trading and risk systems.

FRTB Implementation

Bring Your Trading Systems Into Compliance

CPQi understands the intricacies of FRTB and what is required to make trading systems compliant with the new rules.

Compliance with the Fundamental Review of Trading Books (FRTB) regulations will require transformational changes to banking risk models.

All banks must be fully FRTB compliant by January 2022, requiring immediate action to meet this tight deadline. We can help you navigate the complex FRTB regulations and understand them from a practical, technology-focused perspective. Our platform experts can bring your trading systems into compliance in time to meet the regulatory deadlines.

FRTB Implementation
Steps to Success


  • Systems (banking, trading)
  • Asset Classes (GIRR, CSR non, CSR sec non, CSR sec, Equity, Commodity, FX)
  • Maturity & Buckets
  • Core system alterations to hold classes, maturity, and bucket codes

Standard Approach

  • Risk engine (SAMR) implementation if needed
  • Integration from core systems to the SAMR engine

Internal Approach

  • Risk engine implementation
  • Integration from core systems to the IMA engine
  • Risk scenario design modelling into the risk engine
  • Multi-level stress testing & back-testing
  • Result management

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