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Java and .NET Builds

Partner with an experienced team that understands the complexity of the required implementation.

Expertly Trained Staff

One of the challenges for Factory software builds is finding a company whose staff understand the complexities of what they are building.

Specialist Developer for Platform Banking
Teams that Understand Banking

Capital markets can be complicated - and if you need to explain every derivative to your provider's technical staff before you can get a decent delivery, then it can greatly impact the value you get from your project.

CPQi trains all our staff in both technology AND banking. In our nearshore delivery centre in Fortaleza, Brazil. ALL of our technical staff are required to study and get a banking qualification. This means that you will never have an analyst or programmer working on your delivery that cannot explain the cashflows of a total return swap!

Improve Efficiency. Manage Risk.

Helping to build financial markets systems in the leading American economies