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About Our Company

We build, implement, & support financial markets systems for leading American economies.

Operating Across the Americas

Specialists at platform implementation & risk support

Headquartered in Canada, we also operate in Brazil, USA, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

We consider the following to be our key differentiators:

  • Exclusively Fintech services
  • Banking-trained staff
  • Nearshore services that substantially reduce costs for complicated major platforms
  • Key partners with Calypso, Murex, Finastra, Moody’s and OpenLink
  • Successful delivery of over 25 platform projects and numerous build projects in just the last five years alone
8 Offices

We serve our clients effectively and efficiently.

27 Projects Delivered

In just the last 5 years

5 Key Platform Alliances

For end-to-end implementation projects.

A Message from Terry Boyland, Our Chief Executive Officer

Our focus is on completing a fulfilling day of work that meets the needs of our clients

Since CPQi was formed in 2007 we have been delighted with the response from our clients, partners and our own team who have seen us grow from strength to strength in the provision of top quality technology services to the American financial markets.

Our top draw performance comes from application of our values. We believe that a sense of urgency (but never panic) drives our results. As business models evolve in this fast changing world, we know that the ability to be agile is essential to success. Loyalty to us is a three way partnership between our clients, our company and our employees. Quality has to be at the heart of our business, after all, our systems drive the global economy.

Improve Efficiency. Manage Risk.

Helping to build financial markets systems in the leading American economies